The bronze group ‘De Lopers’ is the first acquisition of Kunst in de Stad (1980) and remains one of the most popular works the association has ever bought.

It is a dynamic work of art, which from the outset was highly valued by young and old alike.  Three young bodies in motion, elegant and supple, tense and concentrated on their effort. What aim are they pursuing? Which future awaits them? These questions remain open. Yet the spectator is charmed by the vitality emitted by these running youngsters.

The quite realistic portrayal responds to the negativism of the nineteen sixties.  The artist also reacts against the conceptual and anti-aesthetic artistic trend of those years. Still this design cannot be classified as classical sculpture. Using her own insight the artist creates a style which could at the same time be called innovative, contemporary and timeless.

The artist uses the ‘lost-wax’ casting technique. She first moulds the sculpture in clay. Then she casts a mould, first negative, then positive, to obtain a plaster model. This model is further refined. Next step is the bronze caster making a new negative. He covers this with wax and provides casting and ventilation channels. Subsequently the wax is melted out. Finally, the sculpture is ready to be cast in bronze.


TEUGELS Mariette (1935)

Mariette Teugels trained for moulding and casting at the Royal Academy of Visual Arts in Mechelen (until 1977). Between 1979 and 1982 she had her own Studio with model at the National High Institute in Antwerpen. Teugels is a late-bloomer. She only started her artistic career at the age of 47 years.





Kunst in de Stad, June 14th 1980