How to become a member of Art in the City ?

Kunst in de Stad is aimed at a group of art lovers who want to make Sint-Niklaas an open City of Art. You too can contribute to the beautification of Sint-Niklaas.

You can become a member from 25 euros.

Like many of our fellow citizens, you probably also enjoy the many sculptures that embellish our streets and squares. Would you be able to imagine Sint-Niklaas ‘Het Woord’, ‘De Lopers’, ‘Cirkel in Cirkel’, ‘Zittend Naakt', 'Johanna en Margareta 1217' and our new sculpture 'Ageless Love' by Delphine.

For almost 50 years vzw Kunst in de Stad has been trying to expand the art patrimony of Sint-Niklaas in a valuable way.  Would you like to join vzw Kunst in de Stad in turning greater Sint-Niklaas into an Open City of Art? Then help us realize this prestigious project and become a member or renew your membership:

- We organize 1 or more art excursions for our members every year.

- You will receive our membership card, which grants free admission to all museums in Sint-Niklaas.

- You are invited to vernissages and the unveiling of our new sculptures.

- Every year we organize a gala concert.

This is our way of thanking you, for joining us, taking up the challenge and continuing to bring art to the city of Sint-Niklaas in the future.

With membership until the end of the year , we offer you the following options:

- You are/become a member and pay 25 euros.

- You are/become a supporting member and pay 100 euros: You receive a print of your choice from the rich archive of Art in the City.  You may make a choice of a print by looking at the website:  You can make your choice known via

You can transfer the amount for the chosen formula to the account number of Kunst in de Stad: BE15 3930 0531 9430 mentioning your choice.

We welcome you (again) to Kunst in de Stad!