City walk with map and explanation

Kunst in de Stad is pleased to take you on a walk through the city center.

Art in the City is pleased to take you on a walk through the city center.

Sculpture Walk Art in the City in collaboration with the City Council of Sint-Niklaas, the Province of Oost-Vlaanderen and the Tourist Office.

This walk consists of 3 loops:

  1. Blauwe lus:  a small loop of about one and a half hours.
  2. Rode lus:  extension loop 1 for which you should set aside a good half hour in the Stationsstraat.
  3. Groene lus:  extension loop 2 for the Parklaan with park and A.Z.-Nikolaas may well provide an hour.The walk comprises a total of 35 works of art, 29 of which were purchased by Kunst in de Stad.

If you wish to extend this art walk even further, then the works of art in the lower and upper hall of the Town Hall, the works of art on the Queen Astridlaan and, a little further along, on Prins Alexanderlaan (opposite the Waasland Shopping Center) also deserve your absolute attention.

Art in the City wishes you a pleasant art walk and thanks you for your interest.

Ode to you, the walker.

We do this by means of the poem of townsman Herwig Borghgraef.

This poem was included in the art book published in 2013 to mark the 40th anniversary of Kunst in de Stad.

(free translation)


a breeze blows letters

from his bronze hands

they float between the folds

of his poet's tunic


helplessly he tries

to find them again


he wants to write down his name

for a latecomer

who looks at him dreaming for a moment

but cannot find words

for so much beauty

Herwig Borghgraef

IANCHELEVICI Idel (1909-1994)

Idel Ianchelivici is a Belgian sculptor of Romanian origin.  Left his native country in 1928 and completed his studies at the Academy of Liege in 1933 : First prize in sculpture at the Académie des Beaux-Arts de la Ville in Liege.  In the same year he married the Belgian Elisabeth Frenay and moved to Brussels.  As a Jew, he was forced to go into hiding during the Second World War.  Befriended and strongly influenced by one of our great social thinkers August Vermeylen.  Settles in France from 1950 onwards.  Museums dedicated to Iancelevici in La Louvière and in Maison-Laffitte. (France)

In the 1930s and 1940s Ianchelevici designs busts of writers who are friends of his: August Vermeylen, Charles Louis Paron, Jules Destrée, Louis Piérard, Claudine Humblet (philosopher, art historian) and of statesman Achille Van Acker.

  • 1. Zittende Vrouw (George Grard) Zittende vrouw-Blue route
  • 2. La Tordue (George Grard)   La tordue-Blue route
  • 3. De Weg naar Kennis (Robert Vandereycken)   De weg naar kennis-Blue route
  • 4. Zittend Naakt (WillyKreitz)    Zittend naakt-Red route
  • 5. Najade (Aphonse Darville)   Najade-Red route
  • 6. Zangertje (Lode Eyckermans)   Zangertje-Red route
  • 7. Tine (Lode Eyckermans)   Tine-Red route
  • 8. Bacchante (Ernest Wijnants)   Bacchante-Red route
  • 9. Gratie (Ernest Wijnants)   Gratie-Red route
  • 10. Puberteit   (Ernest Wijnants)    Puberteit-Red route
  • 11. Slavinnetje   (Ernest Wijnants)    Slavinnetje-Red route
  • 12. Anton van Wilderode (Wilfried Pas)   Anton van Wilderode-Blue route
  • 13. Ballerina (Mariette Teugels)   Ballerina-Blue route
  • 14. Mariabeeld (Frans Van Havermaet)   Mariabeeld-Blue route
  • 15. Pastoor Gordijn (August Nobels)   Pastoor Gordijn-Blue route
  • 16. Piëta (René Smits)   Piëta-Blue route
  • 17. Sint-Nicolaas (Achiel Pauwels)   Sint-Nicolaas-Blue route
  • 18. Paard en Ruiter (Jan Calmeyn)   Paard en ruiter-Blue route
  • 19. De Lopers ( Mariette Teugels)   De lopers-Blue route
  • 20. Johanna en Margaretha (Frans Heirbaut)   Johanna en Margaretha-Blue route
  • 21. Ecce Homo   Ecce homo-Blue route
  • 22. Ikaros (Paul Van Gysegem)   Ikaros-Blue route
  • 23. Wafelenbak (Paul Dekker)   Wafelenbak-Blue route
  • 24. De Wever en de Breister (Werner Heyndrickx)   De wever en de breister-Blue route
  • 25. Het Woord (Idel Ianchelevici)   Het woord-Blue route
  • 26. Uilenspiegel ( Mark Macken)   Uilenspiegel-Green route
  • 27. Reynaert de Vos (Albert Poels) Reynaert de vos-Green route
  • 28. Gerard Gaudaen (Winke Besard)   Gerard Gaudaen-Green route
  • 29. Verbondenheid (Werner Heyndrickx)   Verbondenheid-Green route
  • 30. Maria Middelares (Karel Aubroeck) Maria Middelares-Green route
  • 31. Familie (Werner Heyndrickx)   Familie-Green route
  • 32. De Baring (Karel Aubroeck)    De baring-Green route
  • 33. Figuur in Lover (Jan-Alfons Keustermans)   Figuur in lover-Green route
  • 34. Mijmerende Muze (Jan-Alfons Keustermans)   Mijmerende muze-Green route
  • 35. De Zeemeermin (Willy Kreitz)   Zeemeermin-Green route
  • 36. Romain De Vidts (Werner Heyndrickx)   Romain De Vidts-Green route