The artist Robert Vandereycken is not only a sculptor, but also a graphic designer, which clearly shows in this work ‘De weg naar kennis - The way to knowledge’. He appears to be making a three-dimensional transformation of a stylized drawing. He simplifies and structures the volumes, delineates the shapes, partitions them and applies decorations. The work radiates serenity and dignity. When walking between the statues you’ll notice how their relationship changes each time you view them from  different positions. This is due to the fact that the sculptor attaches a lot of importance to the space between the sculptures, of which he appears to have made a study as well. Hence the expression of the sculptures themselves is even more strongly accentuated.

The symbolism in this work is obvious. A child turns to its father and mother. They let their child go first and offer it backing in life, albeit without patronizing. The title refers to the positive message: the way to knowledge, where parents play a crucial role in passing on their own knowledge and experience to their child.

Robert Vandereycken has executed the work in the lost-wax casting (‘cire perdu’) method . He works in close collaboration with the bronze caster. This enables him to add some final details and make corrections. It’s also very important to the artist to be able to follow the application of the patina scrupulously.


VANDEREYCKEN Robert (1933)

Robert Vandereycken is a painter, graphic designer and sculptor. He studied at the Municipal Academy of fine Arts of Hasselt and the National High Institute of Architecture and Decorative Arts of Brussels under the guidance of Paul Delvaux. He was a teacher and afterwards director (1976-1988) of the Municipal Academy of Hasselt. He makes educational trips to the USA, Spain, Denmark, Russia, China, Tibet, Japan and Africa. He got commissions for the World Expo ’58 in Brussel. He collaborates with the Italian sculptor Mascherini, works in Kirchner’s studio and in the ‘Centre Artistique de rencontres internationales’ in Nice. Since 1996 he has been  a member of the Royal Flemish Academy for Science and Fine Arts.



Kunst in de Stad – November 8th 2003