On the site of the hospital AZ Nikolaas, in the Moerlandstraat, we can find a second group of statues called ‘Familie’ and made by Werner Heyndrickx, a sculptor living in Sint-Niklaas. It stands in a raised green  verge by the entrance.

This work is perfectly situated by the entrance of the hospital. The force of healing is not only the result of medical intervention and medication, psychological support is equally essential for the patient.  In this, the family can play a crucial role.

Heyndrickx works in an expressionist style . Father and mother are seated, mother in the centre, embraced by the father and the child. All figures are depicted with angular characteristics. The looks are expressive and determined. The spectator is right to make the link with the work of the Flemish expressionists of the second Lathem School.

The work of art is composed of one monolith block. Originally it was meant to be cut in stone, but by its compact form, it is technically also very suitable to be realised in bronze. The grey-green patina refers to the look of weather-beaten rock. The sloped verge on which pedestal and statue are placed remind of the bow of a ship.


HEYNDRICKX Werner (1909-1986)

Werner Heyndrickx was a realist sculptor of portraits and figures. He got his education at the Academies of Sint-Niklaas and Antwerpen and the National Institute of fine Arts in Antwerp (studio E. Wijnants). He was a sculpture teacher at the Academy of fine Arts in Sint-Niklaas and the Higher Institute in Antwerpen (1965).

Prizes: ‘Godecharleprijs’, ‘Van Leriusprijs’, ‘Prize Doutrolonde de Try’ and ‘Prize of the Province Oost-Vlaanderen’ for sculpture.


Kunst in de Stad -  September 24th 2009