Frans Heirbaut sees himself primarily as a craftsman.  Knowledge of and respect for the material are of the utmost importance to him. His skilful hands and fingers bring sculptures to life.

This sculpture tellingly bears the name ‘In de Wolken – In the Clouds’. High on the pedestal, a little boy climbs skywards while his playmate looks on. The bronze sculpture seems weightless. The scene is dynamic, playful, optimistic and emphasizes the carefree nature of youth. While one boy is scrambling up the unstable rope ladder, the other one reaches out to lend him a helping hand. He stands securely, both feet on the ground and watching attentively. To achieve their dreams, young people need each other. More than that: experiment and prudence, intuition and reason, complement each other and are needed to reach high goals in life.


HEIRBAUT Frans (1948)

Frans Heirbaut is the son of sculptor Gisleen Heirbaut. He took a course in stone and marble working (1969) and obtained a diploma in higher art education in sculpture (1974) and drawing (1975) in Sint-Niklaas. At the European Centre for Craftsmen in Venice he studied restoration techniques (1979). In 1990 his work 'De schaapherder - The Shepherd' in Sinaai, was inaugurated with a folk festival. In 2018 he won the Culture Prize of Sint-Niklaas for his sculpture group ‘Johanna en Margaretha van Constantinopel’



Kunst in de Stad, September 15th 2001