To Albert Tersago observation of the visual as well as the emotional reality is paramount. Hereby people, in all their diversity, are an endless source of inspiration. He is aware of the fact that turning these observations into sculptures requires expertise: throughout the years he studies the secrets of the materials in order to perfect his artistic skills.

Some of his sculptures relate the ideal of classical beauty. Others are rather modern, strict reality giving way to simplification and stylisation.

This statue, ‘Girl with summer hat’ is all about enjoying life to the fullest: an uninhibited woman, young and fresh, lazing in the summer sun. Naked though without any hint of eroticism, she is only adorned with a summer hat decorated with bright flowers. The sculpture speaks for itself: a carefree figure, filled with youthful optimism. This is how the artist gives each of us a good feeling to get through the day.

TERSAGO Albert (1947-2019)

Sculptor. Albert Tersago studied at the Higher Institute Sint-Lucas in Gent (1968-1971), at the Academy in Antwerp (1971-1973) and the Higher Institute in Antwerp (1973-1974) with  the sculptor Mark Macken. Teacher of sculpture and applied sculpture at the Academy in Sint-Niklaas (1975-1985). Government inspector for the visual arts (1985-2011).

‘Prize Van Lerius’ for figure sculpture. Laureate of the ‘Prize Rembrandt Bugatti’. ‘Prize Bank van Parijs en de Nederlanden’ for figure drawing.

Kunst in de Stad, September 15th 2001